Common sense of air compressor selection

release time: 2019-10-29 17:55:00

In recent years, the development of the air compressor industry is faster and faster. The types of air compressors are various and various. If you want to buy air compressors, you need to have the common sense of air compressor selection. How to choose the right air compressor? You should focus on the working pressure, volume flow, power and exhaust pressure of the air compressor.

1. Working pressure of air compressor

There are many expressions of pressure units. This paper mainly introduces the commonly used pressure expression units of screw air compressor; ① working pressure, which is often called exhaust pressure by domestic users. Working pressure refers to the maximum pressure of air compressor exhaust gas; the commonly used working pressure unit is: bar or MPa, 1bar = 0.1MPa; ③ the general user usually sets the pressure unit as kg, 1bar = 1kg.

2. Volume flow of air compressor

① volume flow, which is often called exhaust volume by domestic users. Volume flow refers to the volume of gas discharged by the air compressor in unit time under the required exhaust pressure, and the volume of gas discharged by the air compressor in unit time, converted to the recent state.

② volume flow unit: m3 / min (m3 / min) or L / min (L / min), 1m3 (M3) = 1000L (L);

③ generally, the commonly used flow unit is: m3 / min (m3 / min);

④ the volume flow is also known as the exhaust flow or nameplate flow in China.

3. Power of air compressor

① generally, the power of air compressor refers to the nameplate power of matched drive motor or diesel engine.

② power unit: kW (kw) or Tian (HP / HP), 1kW ≈ 1.333hp.

4. Selection of working pressure (exhaust pressure)

When preparing to purchase air compressor, first determine the working pressure required by the air end, add a margin of 1-2bar, and then select the pressure of the air compressor (the margin is to consider the pressure loss from the installation site of the air compressor to the actual pipeline distance of the air end, and properly consider the pressure margin between 1-2bar according to the length of the distance).

In conclusion, in order to buy a suitable air compressor, it is necessary to know several elements of the air compressor needed for enterprise production, so as to select a suitable air compressor.

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