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Power supply:1ph\220\50HZ
Compressor power:0.51kw

Model:                                               ycd-15sg

Treatment capacity:                          2.0nm3/min

Power supply:                                   1PH \ 220 \ 50Hz

Compressor power:                           0.51kw

Fan motor:                                         90W

Inlet and outlet pipe diameter:           R1

External dimension:                          700*390*730mm

Net weight:                                        50kg

Air inlet temperature:                        ≤ 80 ℃

Working pressure range:                  0.4-1.3mpa

Pressure dew point temperature:     2-10 ℃

Refrigerant:                                      R22, R134, r407

Cold drying machine performance
Frozen ability

Refrigerant compressor with the power to fully pre-cooling, heat and then cooling. Treatment than similar products in the largest 30%。

Good separation

Built-in high efficiency separator, and then a variety of conditions, flow conditions, can be separated efficiently remove more than 99% of compressed air condensate and most of the solid particles and oil.

Drainage stable and reliable

Electronic self-draining valve filter configuration, coupled with the unique interception, to ensure reliable water.

High inlet temperature

But with a pre-cooler, the whole big area of heat exchanger copper control, Directly into the 80° C below the air temperature.

Dew point temperature is low

High performance evaporator, large heat transfer area, so that compressed air in the evaporator for a long time,to ensure adequate heat exchange, allows more gas to form droplets of hydrogel to maintain the best drying results.

Automatic adjustment

Efficient cooling system, high and low temperature environment is not automatically adjust the high jump is not frozen, always keep the best drying results.


Use world famous brand accessories, quality assurance.

System flow of Refrigerated Air Dryer

Cold drying machine principle

Factors exhibited a general atmosphere of water vapor, not easy to detect its existence, but by the air compressor compression and cooling piping, will be condensed into liquid water droplets;such as: air temperatureat30°C 75% relative humidity conditions, an air compressor, excretion 3Nm3/min, work pressure 0.7Mpa Compressed air for about 24 hours running with 100L of water. The water must be effectively removed, otherwise it will cause pipeline corrosion and pneumatic tool components,instrument damage inaccurate, good product quality, equipment failure seriously affect the production process, increase production costs and other undesirable consequences of the compressed air is cold and dry machine reduce certain temperature so that the compressed air in the water at this temperature precipitation, separated by separator, auto drain valve by the discharge, so that compressed air was drying。

Parameter table of Refrigerated Air Dryer

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