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Precision filter 060

Processing volume:10Nm³/min 7kgf/cm²
Interface Size:G2-1/2"

Model:                                               (Grade)-060 function

Processing volume:                           7Nm3/min 7kgf/cm2

Interface Size:                                   G1-1/2"

Size:                                                  410*110mm 

Element Qty:                                      1

Filter technical parameter

Filter element application guide

Thte fulter installs the example

Filter configuration analysis

1. the compressed air from the upper reaches of solid impurities, oil pollution and other parts of the heat, cold dry machine configuration a former head of the best pass filter;

2. the system should be installed within the device bypass valve, enabling maint enance and repair;

3. drying equipment should be left around 1M or more, enabling maintenance and repair;

4. the ambient temperature shall not exceed 40℃ or need to install the ventilation flow device;

5. note that filter into the produced identity;

6. dry machines must be installed before the S-class filter, dry machines must be installed after the C-level filters.

ISO8573.1 Quality grade