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YS-60AZ Air Compressor

Features of YS series double screw main engine and high efficiency permanent magnet motor drive

·The permanent magnet motor adopts high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet, 120c without loss of field, and its service life is more than 15 years.

·The stator coil adopts the special anti corona enameled wire for frequency converter. Excellent insulation and long service life. It can realize soft start, when running, the motor current will not exceed the full load current, at the same time, it greatly reduces the impact on power grid equipment, and will not cause damage to the electrical equipment.

·No motor bearing: the rotor with permanent magnet is directly installed on the extension shaft of the positive rotation. This structure does not need to use bearings, thus eliminating the fault points of motor bearings.

1. Working condition energy saving

Permanent magnet motor can maintain high efficiency at low speed, which ensures that it has obvious advantages of energy saving when the air consumption is small. The range of frequency conversion can be from 5% to 100%, and that of ordinary frequency conversion can be from 50% to 100%.

2. Ordinary variable frequency air compressor only saves energy consumption when unloading the system (variable frequency energy saving):

According to the fluctuation of gas consumption of fixed air compressor, there will be unloading time, which needs 45% of electric energy, while JM series is frequency conversion control, so there is no unloading and no waste. If the number of systems is more, the energy saving will be more.

3. Energy saving control the wasted electric energy of pressure bandwidth (frequency conversion energy saving):

In order to avoid the impact on the unit and power grid caused by frequent start-up of fixed air compressor, a minimum control pressure band of 1 bar (i.e. upper and lower limits) must be set. When several machines are used together, a pressure gradient is required, and the pressure band of the system is wider. The JF series is controlled by frequency conversion, which can start and stop indefinitely, so there is no need to set a pressure band, and a pressure band is set. The system can save 5% - 7% energy for every 0.14bar pressure band saved.

4. Save energy consumption during startup (frequency conversion and energy saving):

When the fixed air compressor is started, the current is about 3-6 times of the rated working current. If it is started frequently, a lot of electric energy will be wasted. There is no current impact in JM series starting, and it is soft starting. The maximum current does not exceed the rated working current, and there is no energy waste. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the impact on the power grid equipment and will not cause damage to the electrical equipment.

High tech microcomputer full color touch monitoring operation system, precise control, multi machine linkage, remote control


Full color touch screen display, easy to learn and use.

Record historical failure information of air compressor for up to 100 days.

Support for a variety of models.

Support pressure unit and temperature unit switching.

Equipped with special SMS cat, SMS alarm in case of failure.

RS-485 communication function, supporting ModbusRTU protocol.

Controller functions and technical parameters

1. The working voltage of air compressor is too low and too high for protection. The value of too low and too high voltage can be set. This function can be masked.

2. Phase sequence protection: when the air compressor is stopped, phase sequence error is detected, and the action time is ≤ 2S.

3. Motor protection: the controller has phase loss, imbalance and overload protection functions for the main motor, and overload, locked rotor and short circuit protection functions for the fan.

4. Temperature protection: when the actual temperature detected is greater than the set temperature, the action time is ≤ 2S.

5. Display range

①. The exhaust temperature is - 20 ~ 150C, and the precision is 1.

②. The operation time is 0-999999 hours.

③ current display range: 0 ~ 999.9a.

④. Pressure 0 ~ 1.60mpa. Accuracy 0.01Mpa.

6. Output relay contact capacity: 250V, 5A; contact life 500000 times.

7. The current display error is less than 1.0%.

8. RS485 communication interface, according to ModbusRTU protocol, as the communication between slave and DCS

9. SMS alarm function: in case of early warning or fault, send the fault content to the designated mobile phone.

10. Remote start and stop of air compressor: when the start and stop mode is set to remote, the user can start and stop the air compressor through remote switch.

Early warning and prompt

1. Early warning indication of air filter uses switch signal to detect and set early warning of service time of air filter

2. Early warning indicator of oil filter uses switch signal to detect and set early warning of service time of oil filter

3. Early warning indication of oil separator uses switch signal to detect pre-set service time of oil separator

4. Lubricating oil warning indication

5. Grease warning indication

6. High exhaust temperature warning

7. Differential pressure warning


1. The air compressor controller has overload, phase loss, unbalanced protection, high voltage and low voltage protection for the main motor, and overload, locked rotor and short circuit protection for the fan.

2. Exhaust over temperature protection

3. Anti reverse protection of air compressor

4. Air supply pressure overpressure protection

5. Sensor failure protection

6. Low temperature protection