release time: 2019-10-30 17:54:06


YS-60A Screw Air Compressor

YS-60A Screw Air Compressor



Product features:

1. Not only an integrated compressed air system, but also a complete compressed air solution

2. Long and reliable operation time, each set can provide stable compressed air for 24 hours

3. High productivity, 100% continuous operation efficiency

4. Flexible operation and low operation noise

5. High energy efficiency, saving you money

6. Extended maintenance cycle and long service life

7. Improvement of compressed air quality

8. Integrated design, eliminating the use of internal pipes and joints

9. 380V / 3HP / 50Hz, IEC standard design

10. Air cooled 40 ° ambient temperature design, meeting the requirements of all-weather operation

11. Automatic start / stop control and constant speed operation controller; relay controller

12. Direct drive device easy to maintain, no need to replace wearing parts such as belt

13. The design of the built-in air tank saves the cost of the user adding another air tank.