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Ym-30a permanent magnet screw air compressor

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Introduction of energy saving advantages of the host machine of permanent magnet series hybrid permanent magnet motor

1. Energy saving efficiency

Under the condition of full load, the hybrid permanent magnet motor can produce the maximum gas with the minimum energy consumption, and the efficiency can still be guaranteed when the load rate is lower than 20%. The hybrid permanent magnet motor maintains a high operating efficiency of 95% in the whole range of gas flow regulating speed. Save the wasted electric energy of control pressure bandwidth (frequency conversion and energy saving): in order to avoid frequent start-up of the fixed compressor and impact on the unit and power grid, a minimum control pressure band of 1 bar (i.e. upper and lower limits of the air compressor) must be set. Several machines need to have a pressure gradient when starting to use, so the pressure band of the system will be wider. JM series is frequency conversion control, which can be avoided. The system can save 5-7% energy for every 0.14bar pressure band saved. JM series twin-screw machine provides the industry-leading specific power through continuous rotor profile and internal structure. The energy efficiency of the main engine is above the first level specified in the national standard.

2. Incomparable reliability

The hybrid permanent magnet motor is driven directly by the hybrid permanent magnet motor. When the air compressor is running, it does not need to consider the wear of gear, pulley, belt, coupling or shaft seal. Superior technology

Hybrid permanent magnet motor revolutionary unique permanent magnet structure, using less power to provide more compressed air with a larger range of gas regulation. Compared with the power frequency air compressor, the energy saving is 15% - 38%. Compared with ordinary frequency conversion, the energy saving is 5% ~ 10%. The greater the fluctuation of the total gas consumption, the more obvious the energy saving effect.

3. YM series twin screw host

YM Series twin-screw mainframe is a core mainframe with perfect and efficient combination of science and ideal, precision and exquisite combination. In the research and development of mainframe, it is jointly developed by universities and enterprises, led by scientific leading scientists and doctoral supervisors, tested by national professional laboratories, and key components are all analyzed by finite element strength. In order to ensure that the quality of each part can be optimized to the greatest extent, and provide a strong technical guarantee for the stable, efficient and long-term operation of the product. It comprehensively optimizes the tooth surface accuracy and rotor engagement of the rotor, the end face accuracy and rotor positioning accuracy of the screw, and the best combination of the exhaust pressure, exhaust volume and exhaust hole. With advanced manufacturing equipment and exquisite manufacturing technology, it creates a high efficiency, high reliability and high precision screw host.

The YM Series twin-screw machine provides the industry-leading specific power by continuously optimizing the rotor profile and internal structure. The energy efficiency of the main engine is above the first level specified in the national standard.

4. Integrated shaft structure

The main body of the permanent magnet motor and the compressor adopts the embedded body shaft direct connection structure, which is more compact and does not need to use the belt and gear.

The transmission components such as coupling have no transmission loss and the transmission efficiency is about 100%.

5. High efficiency permanent magnet motor

Equipped with high-efficiency permanent magnet motor (PM motor), compared with the ordinary high-efficiency motor, the energy-saving performance is more excellent. Especially when the speed is low, it can still maintain high efficiency. At the rated speed or at different speeds, the efficiency of permanent magnet motor is higher than that of ordinary motor, and the effect of energy saving is significant. The integrated structure is adopted, the product volume is small, generally about 1 / 3 of the size of ordinary high-frequency motor, saving space and convenient for disassembly.